Server update 15.01.2020
Festive hangar has been disabled.
15 January 2020
Update 13.01.2020 (
Fixed a propeller bug.
13 January 2020
Update 30.12.2019 (
A bug where the IS-2 didn’t have armour on the commander hatch has been fixed.
30 December 2019
Server update 27.12.2019
All users with access to the Market will now able to see all camos available on the Market in the customization tab (available camos are marked with Gaijin Coin symbol).
27 December 2019
Server update 26.12.2019
PS4 and XBox One players are now able to exchange items from the “Northern Wind” trophy in the workshop.
26 December 2019
Update 25.12.2019 (
F9F-8, Br.693AB2 - A bug where the aircraft missed the visual model of the landing gear has been fixed
25 December 2019
Update 24.12.2019 (
A bug on the MacOS that led to just a quarter of the interface being displayed  has been fixed. Fixes to the AIM-9D, R-60, SAAB J-32, Rb24 and PL-2 air-to-air missiles, MiG-21MF and SMT and F-4C.
24 December 2019
Server update 20.12.2019
The Christmas-themed hangar has been activated; J21A-1; Challenger 2; Strv 103-0...
20 December 2019
Server update 19.12.2019
IJN Sendai, 25mm 2M3 gun fixes
19 December 2019
Update 19.12.2019 (
The possibility to select “liked maps” has been added. (...)
19 December 2019


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