19 December 2017 Update 19.12.2017 (Server Update)

Small economy changes; Bug fixes.

14 December 2017 Update 14.12.2017 (

A bug where a “drowned” message was displayed for critically damaged flying boats/hydroplanes upon landing on the ground has been corrected (...)

13 December 2017 Update 13.12.2017 (

A bug where the ground vehicle tracks animation was displayed incorrectly in replays has been fixed (...)

12 December 2017 Update 12.12.2017 (

Two new missions have been added to PvE “Assault. Air arcade” on locations Tunisia (players battle against Italian aircraft) and Sicily (players battle against French aircraft) (...)

5 December 2017 Update 05.12.2017 (

A bug which would occur when assisting a squad member with repairing their vehicle, whereby the repair assist would not work, has been fixed; A bug relating to the synchronisation between the server and client, where in rare cases the client may have incorrectly shown the ‘server’ position of an aircraft, has been improved.

4 December 2017 Update 04.12.2017 (

A bug in ground battles which may have occurred following respawn, where the direction of a vehicle’s   cannon would be locked in the wrong position, has been fixed; A bug in ground battles on the location “Fields of Normandy”, where the grass around a vehicle would not display properly, has been fixed (source)...

30 November 2017 Update 30.11.2017 (Server Update)

Economy and Battle Rating changes.

30 November 2017 Update 30.11.2017 (Server Update)

An animation for the selection frame in the menu when navigating with a gamepad has been added.

29 November 2017 Update 29.11.2017 (

A bug occurring when a ripped-off wing had no visible components (fuel tanks, flaps and other parts) has been fixed; The gunner view in VR mode has been fixed (it previously wasn’t working on some aircraft); (...)

24 November 2017 Update 24.11.2017 (

A bug, where the flame from jet engine was visible in gunner view has been fixed; A bug where missions in locations “Kursk” and “Sinai” were launched with an incorrect game mode has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.