Server update 22.06.20 - user-made sighting reticles
Now you can specify several vehicles or even whole vehicle classes for which a custom reticle can be applied.
22 June 2020
Update 18.06.2020 (
A bug that prevented tracers from AA and low-calibre AI guns appearing to a player has been corrected in naval battles.
18 June 2020
Server Update 17.06.2020
New visual detection system for missile launch. (...)
17 June 2020
09.06.2020 (
BMP-2M - This squadron vehicle is now available for squadron activity research.
9 June 2020
Update 09.06.2020 (
The player’s eye-view camera will now work again in server replays. (...)
9 June 2020
Server Update 08.06.2020
Friendly fire in the air Realistic Battles has been re-enabled.
8 June 2020
Update 08.06.2020 (
The sound events for shells hitting player and enemy armour have been reworked. Authentic recordings of shells of different calibres hitting armour plate has been used. (...)
8 June 2020
Server Update 05.06.2020
IJN Tone — Spare torpedoes that can now be taken into battle have been fixed.
5 June 2020
Update 03.06.2020 (
Sound events for all explosions have been reworked. (...)
3 June 2020
Server update 02.06.2020
Friendly fire has been temporarily disabled in Aircraft Realistic Battles
2 June 2020


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