Server Update (04.10.2019)
At the request of players, we have added the possibility to instantly assemble parts, with a slight increase in the requirements of the required materials. (...)
4 October 2019
Server Update (01.10.2019)
Leopard 2K - The type of night vision modification has been changed from thermal imaging to infrared.; Centauro, Centauro ROMOR, Begleitpanzer 57 - The type of night vision modification has been changed from infrared to thermal. (...)
1 October 2019
Update 01.10.2019 (
Flight model changes for F-100D, Mystere B2, F-4C
1 October 2019
Update 26.09.2019 (
A bug where rockets were not reloaded on ATGM carriers has been fixed.;A bug where the smoke grenades were not being reloaded has been fixed.(...)
26 September 2019
Update 24.09.2019 (
Saving and unloading methods of audio assets have been optimized. This will increase the stability of playback of the game sounds.
24 September 2019
Server Update (20.09.2019)
Changes for Helicopter Enduring Confrontation and selected aircraft flight models.
20 September 2019
Update 19.09.2019 (
A bug related to the control synchronization of vehicles has been fixed. Temporary freezes which occur in game sessions after long flights with helicopters have been fixed.
19 September 2019
Server Update (18.09.2019)
For aircraft of rank 7.7 and higher, possible battle scenarios of Axis against Axis or Allies against Allies in RB, have been replaced by scenarios of all against all. This will allow us to get statistics on the efficiency on the aircraft of top ranks for the possibility of adjusting new options and scenarios between rivals of different countries.
18 September 2019
Update 17.09.2019 (
Numerous sound bug fixes.
17 September 2019
Update 13.09.2019 (
A bug where the depth charges on the No.13 Type, 1944, Sumner (DD-692) were displayed incorrectly has been fixed.Hawk III - A visual bug where the propeller was always displayed as damaged has been fixed. (...)
13 September 2019


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