Update 16.06.2018 (
Fixed crash\client become unresponsive that happened sometimes on environment objects (fences etc) destructions.
16 June 2018
Server update 15.06.2018
Type 90 — Possibility to purchase late winter camouflage has been added.; A bug where ATGM icons are not displayed in spectator mode has been fixed.(...)
15 June 2018
Update 15.06.2018 (
A bug where the actions assigned to the “Alt” button would not work if some other key was also being pushed, has been fixed.; A bug relating to vehicle X-Ray view, where low detailed crew members would be shown (as opposed to the normal, higher detailed quality), has been fixed. (...)
15 June 2018
Server update 13.06.2018
XM-1 (GM) - The mechanics of controllable suspension has been added (clearance only). The ammo use order of ammunition consumption has been refined. Now with a minimum amount of shells taken into a battle, these will be placed behind knock-out panels.
13 June 2018
Update 12.06.2018 (
Game crash caused by viewing a damaged model of the vehicle has been fixed.; P-36 (all modifications) - The position of the main landing gear stalks has been fixed.
12 June 2018
Update 04.06.2018 (
A bug where the “Zoom” camera position would activate on re-spawned vehicles after being used on a previous (now destroyed) vehicle, has been fixed.
4 June 2018
Update 31.05.2018 (
A bug where it wasn’t possible to remove decals from a vehicle has been fixed.
31 May 2018
Update 30.05.2018 (
A bug where being in water whilst in a ground vehicle, it wasn’t possible to switch to the sniper view has been fixed.; A bug where zoomed view was saved when changing to another view (for example: switching between sniper view and 3rd person view by using zoom) has been fixed.
30 May 2018
Update 29.05.2018 (
A bug where user created sights did not work for vehicles that were either not researched or purchased has been fixed (...)
29 May 2018
Update 15.05.2018 (
A bug related to the display of distant objects during ground battles has been fixed.;Client Stability has been improved.
15 May 2018


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