Update 25.12.2020 (
Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes.
25 December 2020
Update 24.12.2020 (
GPU-objects enabled (PC version only).
24 December 2020
Server update 23.12.2020
Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
23 December 2020
Update 20.12.2020 (
Physical tracks have been enabled on PC. Bugs fixed on the ZTZ99, F2G and ZSU-37-2.
20 December 2020
Economy update (Server update 15.12.2020)
Economy changes have been applied.
15 December 2020
Update 14.12.2020 (
Hang-ups have been fixed for Intel HD 4000 and HD 5000 series graphic cards
14 December 2020
Server update 09.12.2020
A bug where the “Research” button might work incorrectly in the new vehicle research menu, initiating instead research of another vehicle, has been fixed.
9 December 2020
Server update 05.12.2020
Inventory interface, battle pass and shop fixes.
5 December 2020
Server update 04.12.2020
BR changes have been implemented.
4 December 2020
Update 04.12.2020 (
A bug which wouldn’t allow players to respawn after the loss of their first tank in RB mode has been fixed.
4 December 2020


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