28 January 2019

Server Update 28.01.2019

  • L6/40 - artillery strike modification has been added.
  • Sd.Kfz.234/3 - artillery strike modification has been removed.
  • Engine power value has been corrected for the following Italian ground vehicles (previously, detachable equipment affecting engine power taken into account)
    • Breda 501, M15/42, M42 Contraereo, 74/34 M42, 105/25 M43, 75/46 M43, 75/34 M43, M14/41, 75/18 M41, 75/32 M41, 90/53 M41M, M11/39
  • AMX-10RC - Transmission characteristics updated. The vehicle can move both forwards and backwards with the same speed. Source: Section Technique De L'Armee De Terre, Presentation De Materials De L'Armee De Terre, Satory, Oct 1984  
  • L3 CC - Rate of fire has been increased from 30 to 60 shots per minute. “Shoulder support” stabilization added.  
  • Centauro, Centauro ROMOR - First-order ammo rack mechanics added. A bug when there was no ammo rack detonation has been fixed. A bug when an APHE round fuse didn’t work after the armour had been penetrated has been fixed.
  • AB41, AB43, AS42, M11/39 - ammo use order has been updated.  
  • Chi-Ha - A bug when the commander and not the gunner was responsible for firing the main gun has been fixed.   
  • Type 89 - Neutral steering added. Source: Official Style Outline, Type 89 Armoured Fighting Vehicle (B), D 8009B, September 7, 1989 (Revised August 5, 1991), Japan Defense Agency
  • AUBL/74 - weapon recoil impulse has been reduced.
  • M113A1 (TOW) - Non-functional modification (for this vehicle) “Adjustment of Fire” has been removed”.  
  • M60A1 Ariete - a bug with unreasonably high repair cost has been fixed.
  • M42 (Japan) - A bug when guns were able to fire just after overheating has been fixed.  
  • B1 bis, B1 ter - hatch thickness (on the rear side of the turret) has been increased from 38mm to 56mm. Source: Notice provisoire de la tourelle APX.4 (Texte), Ministère de la guerre, 1937.
  • Sidam 25 -  RP requirements have been changed from 380,000 to 210,000.
  • M4 Tipo Ic - A bug with the wrong number of crew members has been fixed. It is now 5 instead of 4.
  • Type 75 MLRS - Engine RPM changed from  3000 to 2200. Source: File XC 5004 from the Japanese Defence Agency archives  75式自走多連装130mm ロケット弾発射機
  • Sho’t Kal Dalet - MG naming corrected.   
  • OTOMATIC -  a bug with the camera being positioned too low has been fixed. Previously it sometimes caused the SPAA model to disappear at specific angles.  
  • FV510 - sights magnification updated. It is currently x8 instead of x6. Source: FV510 Warrior and Warrior 2000, Military Vehicles Forecast, Forecast International // Mini Color Series 7509, Warrior British Combat Vehicle Tracked, Carl Schulze, Concord Publications Company
  • M3 Bradley - The vehicle no longer floats since it could only float after special preparation. ESS modification added. Improved optics and Airstrike modifications added.  Laser rangefinder modification has been removed. Sights magnification updated - it is now 4х/12х. Source: TM 9-2350-252-10-1, (OPERATOR'S MANUAL FIGHTING VEHICLE, INFANTRY, M2 AND FIGHTING VEHICLE, CAVALRY M3 HULL) April 1982 // Analysis of Gunnery Training for the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, dated March 1986 //
  • Ho-I - Elevation angles corrected from  -8/+15 to -15/+20. Source: A03032210600 of the Japanese Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR) "Explanation of the trial made Model 99 7.5 cm tank gun"

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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