11 December 2018

Update 11.12.2018 (

  • A bug where changing the screen resolution would cause the area of movement of the mouse cursor to become limited has been fixed.
  • A bug while following a bomb where, in some rare cases, it would show the bomb outside the camera view, has been fixed.
  • A bug where, at low screen resolutions, not all nations were visible in the service record screen has been fixed.
  • A bug occuring when firing guided missiles from helicopters at long distances, where the position of ground vehicles in the client and on the server could vary, has been fixed.
  • A bug occurring with some vehicles equipped with guided missiles in RB mode, where there was an ability, for some time, to control the missile with the mouse, has been fixed.
  • A bug when playing ground vehicles, where inversion wouldn’t work when the mouse view mode was activated, has been fixed.
  • A bug which would result in the flickering of the reload icon for first-order ammo racks has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was possible to unlock the “Adamant” achievement when you were fired upon by allied vehicles in ground forces RB has been fixed.
  • A bug which would occur during the repair of ground vehicles in a captured point, where the hint regarding the calling of allied units to assist in repairing your vehicle (intended for when you’re outside of an allied capture point) would be shown despite being repaired within a capture point at the same time, has been fixed.
  • A bug during replays, where the “from the player” view wouldn’t always be shown correctly, has been fixed.
  • An indicator which advises that crew viewing distances have been reduced because the tank’s commander was knocked out has been added for ground vehicles.
  • The ability to restart a replay has been added to the replay menu.
  • A bug occurring in ground RB battles. where the effect of directing a shot at a particular place on the client could differ from the direction of the shot on the server, has been fixed.
  • The crew panel in the hangar has been updated.
  • An icon displaying the selected torpedo launch mode has been added to the action panel for naval battles.
  • An authorization button in the client through the Gaijin Single Sign On portal, as a single entry point for Gaijin products, has been added.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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