20 November 2018

Server update 20.11.18

In ground realistic battles, new mechanics for fast repair of engine and transmission has been implemented as referenced in the recent devblog:

  • A disabled engine blocks vehicle movement completely for 20 seconds, after which it is restored to 40% of its original power
  • A disabled transmission blocks vehicle movement completely for 20 seconds, then the range of gear change is reduced by two

This type of fast field repair does not require the “parts” modification.

Naval Bug fixes:

  • MPK-163 — a bug where the mortar became available after unlocking depth charges has been fixed. A bug where bombs were not being displayed in X-Ray view has been fixed.
  • Cowell (DD-547) — A bug when firing the main calibre gun caused depth charges to also drop has been fixed .
  • S-38b — A bug where torpedoes were still displayed in X-Ray view after they had been launched has been fixed.
  • Pr. 206 — auxiliary targeting armament modification has been removed (not required). German Pr 206 displacement value in the info card has been corrected.
  • Pr.191 — Max. speed and displacement values in the info card have been corrected.
  • LS 4 — two extra respawns have been removed.
  • Pr. 159 — mortar magazine is no longer displayed in X-Ray view if mortar has not been researched, depth charges are disabled. Visual effects for rounds hitting water have been improved; the main calibre gun turrets rotation speed with installed mortars has been corrected.
  • PGH-2 — a typo in the displacement value in the info card has been corrected
  • AF D1 and AF D3 — researchable 37mm rounds for the auxiliary targeting armament have been removed. 20mm ammo belts for the AA have been added instead.
  • AF D3 — all 20mm Flak guns have been moved to AA group.
  • S-100 (S204) Lang, S-100 (1945), S-100 (1944) — 20mm autocannon modifications ammo belts reload has been unified. Changed to 1200 shots per barrel. A bug where only half of the magazine was being loaded has been fixed.
  • KMS Emden, Type 1939 —  turret armour thickness values in the info card have been corrected.
  • Fairmile D (697), Fairmile D (5001) — deflection angles on the 57mm guns have been increased.
  • Pr.1124 (1940), Pr.1124 Rocket version, Pr.1124 (1945), Type 143 — camera position has been changed.
  • Type 140/141 — torpedo side launch has been corrected.
  • Asheville (PGM-84) — main calibre gun overheat has been added; reload time has been reduced from 15 to 10 secs.
  • API-T rounds have been added to the Vickers Mk.V 12.7mm MG.
  • Smoke trails for all naval MGs and autocannons of calibres 7 to 40mm have been removed.
  • Overheat has been added for  30mm, 57mm, 76mm naval autocannons.
  • Overheat has been removed for all naval MGs up to 20mm calibre.
  • Chance of destruction for larger ships with one hit has been decreased.
  • Oil tank detonation for larger ships has been removed.
  • Each calibre now has a preset of dispersion diagram and shard penetration value. HE, AP and shrapnel rounds have different diagrams for shard dispersion. Sheets for armour penetration and kinetic damage of HE shells have been corrected. The damaging effect of HE and AP shells of medium and large calibre (57-180 mm) has been reworked. Now, with increasing calibre, the damage effect will also increase correctly and shells of different calibres are more significantly different from each other. The striking ability of shells of large calibers (150-180 mm) is now much higher.
  • Torpedo launch animation speed has been increased for the following vessels:
    • LS 4
    • LS 3
    • S-38
    • S-38b
    • S-100 (1945)
    • S-100 Lang
    • S-204
    • Type 143
    • Pr.183


The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


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