1 November 2018

Server update 01.11.2018

  • In “Assault Ground Battles arcade” mode at Battle Rating 8.3+, the vehicle line-up given to the players in aircraft strikes has been changed: for 8 destroyed enemies you will be able to choose helicopters with ATGMs (instead of bombers), for 3 - a helicopter with unguided rockets (instead of an attacker) and for 2 - a fighter (as before).
  • A bug, where the SA.313B Alouette helicopter had only one respawn in ground and helicopter battles instead of two, has been fixed.
  • The algorithm of the default modification selection has been changed. Ground vehicles, by default, now have “parts” and “FPE” as a priority. Destroyers and cruisers, now have the tool set and fire protection system set for priority research by default. All other vessels, the seakeeping and unsinkability modification group will now be set for research by default. This means if you, for example, purchase a tank, the “parts” modification will be chosen automatically for research.

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