13 November 2017

Update 13.11.2017 (Server Update)

Enduring Confrontation

  • The amount of fighters which are covering AI bombers and AI attackers has been changed from 4 to 2.
  • Now each player can be attacked only by one covering fighter (the second must continue to escort until the second hostile player arrives or until the first fighter is destroyed by the player).
  • The accuracy of gunners for AI attackers and AI bombers has been reduced by 40%. The firing accuracy of AI fighters has been reduced by 40% too.
  • AI bombers, AI attackers and AI fighters are now the target for anti-aircraft artillery and the AAA will open fire on them.
  • A pair of AI controlled aircraft which are covering the airfield will now attack AI bombers and attackers which flew into the zone of their responsibility correctly.
  • A bug that lead to the disappearance of AI attackers and fighters when the map border has been reached has been fixed. Now the aircraft crossing the map border will disappear one at a time. In the past the whole group disappeared when the first aircraft crossed the border.  
  • Efficiency for anti-aircraft artillery which is not apart of the airfields defences has been reduced by 2 times. AAA on the airfields still has the highest possible efficiency. 
  • A bug where the player aircraft was not destroyed when landing on enemy airfields has been fixed.
  • Amount of the simultaneously active tasks has been reduced.
  • The time for issuing new tasks has been increased (pause between tasks).
  • The amount of victory points awarded to the team for completing the task depends now on the type of the completed task (previously any task brought 5000 points):
    • Destroying the bombing zone —  2000 points;
    • Destroying the airfield — 3500 points;
    • Destroying the spotter aircraft — 3500 points;
    • Destroying the convoy — 5000 points;
    • Destroying the AI bomber — 5000 points;
    • Destroying the AI attacker — 5000 points;
    • Victory in the ground battle — 5000 points;
  • Discovery of a new task for your team still brings 1000 points.
  • The amount of the victory points given to the team for completing the task now depends on the activity of the players on this task. If the activity during the task was 25% or more, the award in points will correspond to the values from the table above. If the activity of the players was less than 25%, then the task will bring only 1000 victory points. Tasks which will be covered by this rule:
    • Covering the attackers (activity: be near the attackers while they are performing the task);
    • Destroying the attackers (activity: destroying the enemy attackers);
    • Covering the bombers (activity: be near the bombers while they are performing the task);
    • Destroying the bombers (activity: destroying of the enemy bombers);
    • Covering the spotter aircraft (activity: be near the spotter aircraft while they are performing the task);
    • Destroying the spotter aircraft (activity: destroying the enemy spotter aircraft);
    • Help in the ground battle (activity: destroying the enemy vehicles which are near the friendly vehicles);
  • The maximum distance of players from the covering target at which the activity will be counted depends on the rank of battles:
    • 1st rank — up to 3000m;
    • 2nd rank — up to 4500m;
    • 3rd rank — up to 6000m;
    • 4th rank — up to 7500m;
    • 5th rank — up to 9000m.
  • A bug in the initial display of the front line because of which in 90% of cases the Allied team received a tangible advantage over the territories has been fixed. Now the generation of the front line though random no longer gives such an advantage to the Allies.
  • A bug with detection of enemy airfields has been fixed (source).
  • A bug where the airfield that was in enemy territory as a result of the front line shift was not destroyed has been fixed  (source).
  • For three types of airfields which will be used in Enduring Confrontation missions  the positions of the appearance of the aircraft have been re-arranged. Due to this it was possible to increase the take-off length by  120 meters for two types of airfields with a length of the take-off line of 1200m and by 60 meters for airfield with the length of the take-off line of 1400m.
  • Bugs in the appearance of antiaircraft artillery which are covering the bombing zones have been fixed. Also the antiaircraft artillery will correctly disappear when the base is destroyed or if it disappears as a result of a shift in the front line.
All types of the aircraft missions
  • Now after the destruction of light stationary vehicles (artillery, anti aircraft artillery) or permanent fire positions during the first 9 minutes, there will be light smoke which will facilitate the visualization of destroyed targets in SB (in the past the target was burning the first 45 seconds after being destroyed, after which all effects disappeared).


The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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