Update 01.02.2017 (Server Update)

Ground vehicles

  • Type 62 - Angle values for vertical gun elevation and depression have been fixed: previously: -4/+20, now: -5/+22. Elevation/depression speed has been fixed: previously 4 degrees per second, now 10  degrees per second. Fire rate has been increased from 7 to 8.1 shots per minute. Source: Domestic Artillery Handbook (国产火炮手册), People's Republic of China Department of Weapon Industry's Second Management Bureau (中华人民共和国兵器工业部 第二管理局), November 1982: Elevation and Depression in P.271-272. Type-62 Light Tank: Weapon Structure and Usage(六二式轻型坦克武器构造与使用), Chinese People's Liberation Army Armored Force Command (Chinese: 中国人民解放军装甲兵司令部), May 1972.
  • Type 61 - transmission ratio updated. Engine power has been decreased from 600 to 570 h.p. Reverse speed has been increased from 3 km/h to 8 km/h.
  • Autocannons that are used on SPAAs now have overheat value and a separate value for reloading after overheat.
  • Kugelblitz  - filling of the belts with APCR rounds has been reviewed. Current filling: APCR-HE-HE (earlier it were only APCR). Refilling of the cassettes with HE shells has been reviewed. Current refilling HE-HE-HE-API (earlier it was: HE-HE-HE-APCR).
  • FlakPz.I Gepard - filling of the belts with APDS rounds has been reviewed. Current filling: APDS-HE-HE-HE (previously there was only APDS).
  • The speed of the gun elevation/depression was increased to 4 degrees per second for following ground vehicles: 
  • Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.C/F; Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf C/E/F1/F2/J/H; Pz.Kpfw.VI  Ausf H1/E; Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf B/Sla/KwK.46; Pz.Bfw.VI P; VK4501 P.


  • B-34 - Incorrect chassis animation has been removed.
  • Ar.234B-2, Ar.234C-3 -  DM of flaps, ailerons, rudder has been fixed.
  • F7f-1, f7f-3 - DM of flaps, ailerons and rudder has been fixed.
  • He-219A-7 - DM of flaps, ailerons and rudder has been fixed.
  • MBR-2-M-34 - DM of flaps, ailerons and rudder has been fixed.
  • Me.410 (all modifications) - DM of flaps, ailerons and rudder has been fixed.
  • Hampden Mk.I (all modifications) - incorrect armour has been fixed.
  • La-15 - armoured glass has been fixed.
  • MiG-17 - Armament info display in x-ray mode has been fixed.
  • MiG-9, MiG-9L - Armament info display in x-ray mode has been fixed.
  • G5N1     point angles of the upper turret have been fixed.
  • P-39 (all modifications) - Message appearing regarding loss of consciousness for the gunner when aircraft has been destroyed has been fixed.
  • Sunderland Mk.5 - Incorrect information for defence weaponry in the X-Ray view has been fixed.
  • F8F-1, F8F-1B - Incorrect sequence of bomb dropping for the variant with 3х1000lb has been fixed.
  • B-34 - The ability to choose separate guns whilst using the offensive weaponry has been added.

Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted.​

The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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