Update 23.11.2016 (


Damage Model

  • Fuel tank detonation mechanics have been changed. Now, if the tanks are partitioned off from the crew, the ammo rack their explosion may not destroy the tank. Explosion parameters depend on the fuel tank volume.
  • Ballistic calculator and armour indicator distance in tank arcade battles has been reduced from 1200 m to 1000 m and from 800 to 600 m respectively

Visual effects

  • Hit marks and penetration holes have been updated.


  • Control settings are grouped by type of the vehicles and general controls has been moved to separate tab.
  • In each tab control settings are grouped and navigation bar has been added.
  • Settings group “Controls mode”, which partly duplicates the switch for the instructor mode: AIM, simplified, realistic, full-real, has been added. Now by setting of different instructor modes you can see which options are active in this instructor mode.
  • Possibility to switching off the instructor modes in the battle has been added: Aircraft control > Controls mode > Toggle controls mode.
  • The using of the manual or automatic transmission is no longer dependent on the instructor mode, but can be switched in separate setting: Tank control > Movement > Automatic transmission.
  • Possibility to switch manual/automatic transmission mode during the battle has been added:: Tank control > Movement > Transmission mode.
  • A bug related to the inability to remove assigned to the 5th joystick button to exit in the menu can be reassigned now: Common controls > Interface > Menu.
  • A bug that occurred when the settings were reset to default, the axes adjustments were not reset, has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was not possible to remove the assigned key for view switching, has been fixed.


  • If a player has at least one rank 5 vehicles in any nation, they will receive 2 additional presets. Thus maximum number of vehicle presets is increased by 2 (2 for tanks and 2 for aircraft). 


  • Switching to the next vehicle after closing the statistics window or a map in the spectator view has been fixed.
  • A bug where rockets were moving by fits when turret was rotating has been fixed (Cromwell RP-3, M26 T99).
  • Stalingrad. A bug where it was possible to shoot through the walls of some buildings, has been fixed.
  • Gaijin.Net Agent - “Background Update” option has been added. Launcher will check automatically if there are any pending updates available to download.

BR Changes for aircraft in SB​

We are running a further adjustment of BR changes for aircraft to suit the requirements in the “Enduring Confrontation” game mode. This time the changes are targeted in improving gameplay at the 5th rank:

  • Battle Ratings changes for EC SB
  • Optimization of the aircraft selected at the beginning of a battle (for Germany).
  • A more even distribution in the BR fork at 5th rank in “Enduring Confrontation”, with the aim of reducing the multitude of timer locks for vehicles with more or less similar characteristics. 

.com and .ru reported bug fixes:

  • Spontaneous damage to the tail on the Nimrod MK2 during acceleration (Tarakanator, J1775_Venom).
  • XP-50: Spontaneous motor failure by increasing of the thrust (RedTribe).
  • Error by displaying of the crew skill for aircraft under certain conditions (IFF_).
  • Error by saving of the control settings (A_Peryite).
  • RakJPz 2 HOT wrong performance  (Zoober).
  • Wrong Squadron tag display in friend list has been fixed.
  • No ammo indicator in replays has been fixed.
  • Statistics window not working in battle has been fixed.
  • Bug that caused AI to crash on the airfield has been fixed.
  • Wrong display of the fuel pod in B-57A X-ray view has been fixed.

The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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