10 July 2015

Update 10.07.2015 (Server Update)

This is a server update that will be implemented on the game servers within 24 hours. During this time, bug reports regarding specifics mentioned here and their effect in a battle will not be considered as a bug and as such will not be taken into consideration.

  • Transmission on SPG SU-122-54 and ZSU-57-2 configured the same as the T-54 (the maximum speed of vehicle and the gear ratio)
  • Penetration value of 100 mm HEAT projectile ZBK-5 increased from 350 to 380 mm according to "Domestic armored vehicles. The twentieth century. Volume 3 1946-1965 gg. "P.49," Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army ".
  • Increased likelihood of ricochet at acute angles (less than 25 degrees) for HESH shells.
  • Increased likelihood of ricochet for HEAT and HEAT Finned shells at angles of less than 20 degrees.
  • Changed position slightly of spawn and capture points on ground vehicles in Kuban to correct the situation where team A wins more often than Team B because of closer location in relation to the spawn points of capture as well as being a good position for covering capture points.

Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted.

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