30 June 2015

Update 30.06.2015 (Server Update)

Server Update 30.06.2015

  • Error leading to the inability to respawn for bombers in missions: [Front Line] Gorge and [Front Line] Foothills has been fixed.
  • Fixed map border on the Poland map for the “Domination” game mode in Realistic Battles (respawn points outside the location).
  • Haze reduced on Finland map.
  • Duplicate camouflages for T-28, T-28E and T-35 have been removed.
  • Engine compartment roof thickness of T-34-100 has been fixed.
  • Overestimated crew vitality from direct hits has been fixed.
  • Inability to use a custom camouflage for Leopard-1 has been fixed.
  • Description of the machine gun MG3A1 has been corrected. Caliber is displayed correctly as 7,62mm.

Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted.

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