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Russian Air Force - 102nd Anniversary
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Russian Air Force Day

To celebrate this occasion, from 12:00GMT August 12th to 12:00GMT August 13th,

we would like to present our players with the following benefits:

20% discount for all USSR planes

25% discount for talisman for USSR planes

30% for exp. conversion for USSR

On the 12th of August 1912, in the Russian Empire by the highest order of Nicholas II, the first aviation unit was formed, the first to create a new wing of the armed forces - The Imperial Air Force. The 12th of August became an official celebration day for the Russian Air Force, which was officially made so at the 1997 Russian Federation presidential edict “the establishment of Russian Air Force Day”.

From all of us at Gaijin: we wish you blue skies, a reliable engine and a good landing which you can walk away from!

Happy Russian Air Force Day! 
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