14 September 2014


The single-engine Yakovlev Yak-1 monoplane was the first aircraft designed by the Soviet Yakovlev design bureau. Aimed at replacing the outdated Polikarpov aircraft, such as the I-15 and I-16, the Yak-1 (under the designation I-26) had its first flight on 13. January of 1940 and went into production and service in 1941. With a ground level speed of 530 km/h the aircraft was fairly maneuverable and its armament of one 20 mm SHVAK cannon and two 7.62 mm SHKAS machine guns offered good firepower. The Yak-1 saw famous service with the Normandie-Niemen, a French volunteer fighter group within the Soviet Air Forces. In game, the aircraft will be available in the regular Soviet aircraft tree at a BR of approximately 2.0 shot 2014.09.14 22.15.37 shot 2014.09.14 22.19.27 shot 2014.09.14 22.20.06 shot 2014.09.14 22.16.56 shot 2014.09.14 21.48.12

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