8 August 2014


Originally an area containing a Russian Fort built on the village which was originally founded by Cossacks. It soon became a key Strategic Russian outpost where in August of 1942, Mozdok was conquered by German troops during Case Blue. It was recaptured by the Soviets in January 1943. The area is crossed by the river Terek. The maps themselves are idyllic to look at, containing mills, rolling fields surrounded by clusters of thickets or trees all connected with some lengthy tracks and roads. shot 2014.08.01 21.20.46 shot 2014.08.01 21.21.05 shot 2014.08.06 21.54.36 shot 2014.08.06 21.54.59 shot 2014.08.06 21.59.10 shot 2014.08.06 22.01.30 shot 2014.08.06 22.03.45 shot 2014.08.06 22.05.23

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