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Gladiators.WT 8x8 - REMEMBRANCE: Final Matches
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Dear friends, the international tactical team War thunder tournament, Victory Day "Gladiators.WT 8x8 - MEMORY " 2014. is nearing completion. Four best teams from simulator and realistic battle division will meet in the final rounds.

We are expecting epic battles in the sky above the Kursk, and soon we will know the names of the best teams!

June 1 from 16:00 GMT:

Realistic battles :

[SV] Russia (Siberia) Ukraine Moldova - = W_R == 13RUS = Russia

= SNJ = International EU - [ACES] Russia Ukraine

Simulator battles:

= AD = Russia Ukraine Latvia - [WS] Russia Ukraine

 -NM-International RU - = IBFFI = Russia

General sponsor of the tournament Saitek

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