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Mixed battles between aviation and Ground forces
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Pilots and tankers!

Tomorrow, on May 30th, we will be turning on mixed battles between aviation and Ground forces in the Realistic and Simulator game modes for all maps and ranks. Co-operation between the two combat arms will make the tactical gameplay much more diverse. The teams will need to divide their forces to achieve both ground points control and also air superiority needed to cover the advancing tanks. CBT participants already tested these battles, but even they will see some changes.

The mixed battles allow you to use one air and one ground vehicle; some ground vehicles allow multiple respawns, the number of the respawns depends on the class of the vehicle (i.e. 1 respawn for heavy tanks, 2 respawns for medium etc.)

Another difference is that players may decide what vehicle they want to use after they enter a battle, not before, as a consequence, a balancing principle similar to the one used in the Arcade battles is used, i.e. only the vehicles in your crew slots with the highest Battle rating are taken into account. Be careful: if you are planning to use the StuG III Ausf.F and the Fw.190 A-1 (BR 3.3), do not leave the CL-13A (BR 8.7) in a crew slot, else you will find yourself in the highest level match.

To participate in mixed battles just click the “Tank battles” option and hit the “To battle!” button.

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