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[VIDEO] Developers Answers: Part 2 22 August 2014

Pilots and Tankers, the War Thunder team continues to answer your questions in the "Developers Answers" series of videos.

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[Historical] Unsung Heroes – The Maintainers 22 August 2014

All aircraft need regular maintenance; the practices in place in the modern day military aviation environment have many striking similarities to the procedures already implemented by the time of the Second World War. Even if undamaged by the enemy, aircraft parts are ‘life-exed’: depending on the aircraft and the individual parts, certain components will be replaced after flying a certain number of hours. In addition to this, aircraft have a scheduled maintenance package.

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[Ace Profile] Wing Commander 'Bob' Stanford Tuck 21 August 2014

In May 1940 Tuck was transferred to No.92 Squadron at RAF Croydon, under the command of Squadron Leader Roger Bushell, who would later become famous as one of the masterminds behind ‘The Great Escape.’ On May 23rd, whilst flying a patrol over Dunkirk, the squadron were jumped by a staffel of Bf109s. In the ensuing dogfight Tuck shot down his first enemy aircraft. That afternoon No.92 Sqn again took to the skies, this time with Tuck shooting down two Bf110s.

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[Historical] The North Korean Air Force 20 August 2014

After enduring some 69 years of political and military influence and occupation under the Imperial Japanese auspices the People of Korea’s future was now on the 15 August 1945 or Juche 34, firmly in their hands, during the political upheavals of the following years the military of the now divided korea’s began the process of organising for an uncertain future.

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Zinovy Kolobanov’s feat of arms 20 August 2014

On August the 20th in 1941, the crew of a KV-1E Soviet heavy tank  commanded by Senior Lieutenant Zinovy Kolobanov fired the first shot at a convoy of German armoured vehicles near Voiskovitsy. This skirmish became memorable as an example of military skill and courage.

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[Historical] Dieppe Raid 19 August 2014

On the morning of the 19th August 1942, a joint force of allied combatants supported by the Free French, the RAF and the Royal Navy began operations for an attack on the German occupied French port of Dieppe. Originally to be codenamed as Operation Rutter, Operation Jubilee as it was later known resulted in disastrous attempt at opening a second front to take German military pressure off the Soviets after the lightning attacks following Operation Barbarossa in June of 1941.

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Testing new game mode "The Sky is for Heroes" 19 August 2014

Dear players! Today we started a test in the event mode - an event that introduces respawn system based on the points gained in battle.
The event is called “The sky is for heroes” Destroying enemy vehicles, dealing damage and capturing zones will give you Spawn Points which you may spend for further respawns in any vehicles set in your line-up before the battle.

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[Under Construction] City location "Poland" 18 August 2014

We are often asked when urban combat will be shown in War Thunder, and many other questions about the urban ground maps.

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[Historical] The Hardest Day 18 August 2014

By August 1940 the first phase of the Battle of Britain was drawing to a close as the Luftwaffe’s attempts to draw the RAF out with small scale attacks had failed to succeed. The second phase began on August 13th when Luftflotten 2,3 and 5 began a series of massive air attacks aimed at RAF air bases and the vital network of radar installations which provided them with the critical early warning of impeding attack. The Luftwaffe had at this time some 1100 fighters and 1300 bombers; opposing this the RAF had a mere 675 fighters.

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Golden finale of the "Summertime madness!" 17 August 2014

Summertime Madness!” is approaching its “golden finale”! The final phase of the global event will end with "Golden Battles". Participate in the “Golden Battles”  from 15th of August to 17th of August and earn up to one thousand Golden Eagles!

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