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[Historical] The Disaster in the Arctic 30 July 2014

The relative peace of the arctic shore was disturbed on July 30th 1941. The Fleet Air Arm had launched two strikes against German ships in ports of northern Norway and Finland. The raid on Kirkenes and Petsamo would become a black day for the FAA.

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[Historical] Uncrossable Runway: the Battle of Milne Bay 29 July 2014

Allied troops arrived in Milne Bay at the eastern tip of New Guinea in June 1942, consisting of an Australian militia battalion and US airfield construction teams.On August 31st, the Japanese began an all-out night attack, making at least three “banzai” charges against the Allied positions at Milne Bay.

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Combined Arms battles in Simulator Battles are disabled at the moment! 29 July 2014

From July 25th 20:00 (GMT) combined arms battles will not be available in simulator battles. Players will be able to play in tank only and aircraft only battles in simulator battle mode.

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[Historical] First Flight of the B-17 28 July 2014

By mid July 1935, Boeing Aircraft Company presented a new aircraft, the Model 299 to the nation’s press. One journalist described the new aircraft as a ‘15-ton Flying Fortress’ and Boeing leapt on the chance to officially adopt the name.

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Russian Navy Day 27 July 2014

Today is the Navy Day, one of the most popular military holidays in Russia, which is celebrated not only by navy soldiers, but also by all those people involved with the Navy like fleet workers and employees of Navy institutions, members or their famillies, and of course, World War II veterans and the All of the Armed Forces of the Russia.

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Flying Aircraft Carriers 26 July 2014

Everybody is familiar with naval aircraft carriers, the massive hulks of steel which carry upon them countless aircraft, ready to fly in a moment’s notice. What if the same could be done in the air, instead of on the sea?

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[Special] Case Blue 25 July 2014

Fall Blau, or Case Blue, the German summer offensive between June 28th and November 24th 1942, was intended to fulfill the invasion goals of the previous year in the Soviet Union. The operation’s aim was to take both the oilfields of Baku and the city of Stalingrad with it’s industrial center and transpor­ta­tion hub intact.

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Official Gamescom Video Competition 23 July 2014

War Thunder will be with you at  Europe's biggest game show "Gamescom" in Germany. We want to offer you the opportunity to earn Golden Eagles and your video to be featured on our big screens at "Gamescom".

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[Historical] The Royal Norwegian Air Force 23 July 2014

The Royal Norwegian Air Force (abbreviated to RNoAF, and in Norwegian, ‘Luftforsvaret’) is Norway’s active air force, formed after the unification of the Army Air Force and the Naval Air Service in 1944, both of which had been in existence since 1915. 

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[War Thunder Legends] Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) 23 July 2014

As German armor roared across western Europe in the Blitzkrieg, they were riding in arguably the finest light tank then made. Yet this finely engineered tank was not made in Germany, it was not even a German design!

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