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Warrior Profile
Ace of the Month - October - Remy van Lierde

Belgian fighter ace Colonel Remy van Lierde fought against the Axis forces as part of the British Royal Air Force over Europe. His qualities as a pilot were rewarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross.

  • 1 October 2015
September Ace of the Month - Major Helmut Wick

Born in southwest Germany 1915, Wick was considered to be the embodiment of a stereotypical fighter pilot: confident, aggressive, outspoken and loving the limelight. At the time, he became the top scoring active fighter ace in the world.

  • 14 September 2015
Ace Tanker Ion S. Dumitru

Ion S. Dumitru was a Romanian tank commander during World War II. In today's Warrior Profile, we will take a look at his many-sided military career, fighting both with and against the Axis forces.

  • 10 September 2015
Dmitry Fyodorovich Lavrinenko

In today's Warrior Profile, we introduce you to Dmitry Fyodorovich Lavrinenko - A Soviet Tank ace credited with a total of 52 confirmed kills.

  • 18 August 2015
August Ace of the Month - Flight Lieutenant Eric Lock

As a World War 2 Ace for the RAF, few have been able to equal Eric Lock’s outstanding success in combat.

  • 3 August 2015
Ace Tanker Otto Carius

In todays Warrior Profile, we take a look at one of the most renown tank commanders of World War II, the German ace Otto Carius, who scored around 150 vehicles destroyed.

  • 21 July 2015
Ace of the Month - July - Captain Alexandru Şerbănescu

Born on May 17th 1912 in Coloneşti, Olt county in eastern Romania, Alexandru Şerbănescu was the third of six children. His father, Alexandru, worked as a notary.

  • 1 July 2015
Ace of the Month - June - Lt JG Tetsuzo Iwamoto

Tetsuzo Iwamoto was a Japanese aviator, credited by most sources with around 80 aircraft shot down. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best Japanese aces of all time.

  • 1 June 2015
Ace Tanker Wilfred Harris

Wilfred Harris was born in 1911 in Walsall, Great Britain. During the inter-war years, he was part of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards, a tank regiment.

  • 19 May 2015