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PC PowerPlay: The Sound of War
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PC PowerPlay magazine’s special issue about War Thunder game is available in stores! Find detailed review of the game and game modes, get some tips and learn more about War Thunder!

Australia’s #1 gaming magazine PC PowerPlay offers cover story, special interview with Gaijin representative and exclusive DVD with War Thunder client setup.

Just a quick look on PC PowerPlay’s story “The Sound of War”:

“I’ve got around 20 years of flight sim experience, not to mention several years of training as an actual pilot before realising I wasn’t a big fan of heights. This puts me in the unique position of having a decent idea of whether the flight models live up the team’s claims, as well as a deepseated fear of skyscrapers. In arcade mode, each aircraft turns like an F18 Hornet on steroids, rarely losing any speed even when the pilot is pulling enough Gs to rip the wings off. Stalling is non-existent, which in turn makes it impossible to spin. More advanced aircraft, such as the F86 (there are a few post-WWII aircraft included, so Korean style battles will also be possible), have an edge over the starting biplanes, but overall it’s a relatively balanced experience; perfect for introducing novices to the bliss of these deadly aerial ballets.”

Read the full article in the PC PowerPlay special issue!


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