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Pacific Pack Weekend
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From 15.00 GMT on October 24th to 13.00 GMT on October 27th

30% discount on the purchase of the following premium pack:

War Thunder - Pacific Advanced Pack

Being the owner of the War Thunder - Pacific Advanced Pack you will receive the following:

The exclusive fighter Lockheed XP-38G “Lightning”,
The exclusive fighter Mitsubishi A6M5 Ko “Reisen”,
5.000 Golden Eagles,
30 days of Premium Account.

You will also receive access to the two historic campaigns:
War Thunder - Japanese Pacific Campaign (1941-1943)
War Thunder - USA Pacific Campaign (1941-1943).

Please note, the choice of a particular method of payment can affect the final purchase price.

The Pacific War was a very different theatre of operations.
The Navy and air force became a major tool in the battle for superiority in Pacific battles.


You will find yourself in the midst of the most important battles in the fight between the United States and the Japanese Empire and the fight for dominance in the region. You will see that the old battleships that plagued the sea lanes in the previous war, were replaced by the new rulers of the ocean - aircraft carriers. Historically accurate maps involved with the theatre, supported by historical newsreel shots, throw you right in the thick of battle, where being in the cockpit of a fighter, you'll be able to immerse yourself into the harsh reality of war.

By participating in battles with the combat aircraft from the United States and Japan, you will have to beat your opponents and achieve a decisive victory in this harsh confrontation. In your hands are many shipbourne fighters and bombers: United States - F4F3, TBF-1C, SBD-3, F4F4; Japan - D3A1, B5N2, A6M2. Follow the rules of engagement of wartime pilots: be cautious in battle, look around you and do not leave your comrades behind. This will ensure the successful completion of the missions.

Progressing step by step in this way, you get well-deserved bonuses in the form of Silver Lions and Research Points, opening in front of you all the possibilities of War Thunder. During the course of the Japanese missions you will receive a series of decals "Japanese kill Count", which can be found in the tab "Decals" - "Victory Markers”. Upon successful completion of the Missions for the United States, you will receive a unique decal "The squadron emblem for VMS-2."

  VMS-2 Squadron Emblem   Japanese Kill Count  

The War Thunder Team

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