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Facebook screenshot contest
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Hello pilots and tankers,

to celebrate the recent facebook changes and transition to our national page system, we want to present to you the national screenshot competition.

Make a national-thematic (Polish, Czech, German or French) screenshot. Use your imagination, tanks, planes, national markings and user-made skins and show us where you belong.

International players can participate too, just visit our facebook page and post your live.warthunder.com link with a picture to the facebook post - but please have in mind, we want national-based screenshots with a polish, german, czech or french thematic.

Competition will be one week long - until the sunday 26th.

1st Place - 1.500 Golden Eagles
2nd Place - 1.000 Golden Eagles
3rd Place - 500 Golden Eagles

Rules of the contest

(read carefully or your submission will not be accepted!)

  1. Screenshots must be published on our social network live.warthunder.com and the link must be posted under the competition post on facebook
  2. The submitted screenshot must be taken from the game or replay only with HUD hidden. To make a screenshot with the hidden HUD, press F12 (by default). Your screenshots can be found in the game folder.
  3. The screenshot must be of the maximum available quality, so before running the replay make sure you maximise your graphics settings that are available for your PC (find the graphic options in your launcher).
  4. The size of the screenshot must be not less than 1280x1024 px, the most preferable size is HD 1920x1080.
  5. File format of the screenshot must be .JPEG (by default) or TGA (find and uncheck the box "JPEG Screenshot" in the advanced graphics options in the Launcher)
  6. You are not allowed to use any third-party editors, filters or software. Only actual footage from War Thunder gameplay can be used. In-game PostFX are not prohibited.
  7. One user - one picture. You are not allowed to submit more than ONE picture.
  8. You automatically pass the exclusive rights of the picture to the organizers of the contest by posting it in the thread

Real chances to win will be using 'cinematic' screenshots, so try to make them beautiful, calm or dramatic and of the highest possible quality!

Good luck!
The War Thunder team

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