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User created missions contest: RESULTS
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Cover for a landing party, coastline minesweeping, following the enemy aircraft while remaining undetected or scouting an airfield that is under construction…

Pilots and tankers, we are drawing up the results of the user created missions contest with a prize pool of $1200!

For the last three months anyone who wished to, could participate in the creation of “their gameplay scenario”, these were rich with events and non standard tasks. Thanks to a series of tutorial videos, participants of the contest created their visions of War Thunder missions, created with the CDK package, they presented them for you to judge. And now we are recommending that you play the best of them!

Prize: $500

Mission that took first place, created by Tacko1608: "D-Day"!

(take note: this mission is created in a user-created location, which you need to place in WarThunder/content/pkg_local/levels)

Prize: $300

Mission that took second place, created by kxsorg: "Волк в овечьей шкуре" (“A wolf in sheep skin”)!

Prize: $200

Mission that took third place, created by fwerfad: "Битва за Иводзиму" (“Battle for Iwo Jima”)!

Prize: $200

Mission that gained most likes on War Thunder Live, created by Umbriellan: "Korean campaign, contains: Korean Sabre/Korean MiG"

We couldn’t skip many of the other interesting missions in which authors put a lot of effort, but didn’t make it into the prize places. The following authors receive 2.000 Golden Eagles each:

Dear players, we would like to remind you about the possibility of gaining rewards for the creation of unique content for War Thunder through the Revenue Share Program: skins, vehicle and cockpit models, missions and maps!

We have already presented to you the first works of the players that will appear in the 1.43 update. Don’t miss your chance to be among the best!

The War Thunder Team

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