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Winter Extreme: J9 Early

You’ll be able to get the J9 in the Winter Extreme event! This aircraft is a modified export variant of the American P-35 single-seat fighter operated by the Swedish Air Force throughout WWII.

J9 Early: A Premium Fighter for Sweden at Rank II


  • Good flight characteristics.
  • Heavy machine gun arsenal.
  • Premium bonuses!
Vehicle History

The J9 was created as a dedicated Swedish export variant of the P-35, which itself was developed as a private venture of the Seversky company in a bid to replace the P-26 in service with the American air force at the time. Ordered by Sweden in June 1939, the J9 incorporated some differences from its American counterpart in having a more powerful engine as well as a bolstered arsenal.

Sweden placed orders for a total of 180 aircraft over several orders. By June 1940, 60 J9s were delivered to Sweden and commissioned into service. At the same time however, an American arms embargo to Europe prevented further deliveries which resulted in the Swedish variants being adopted into American service as the P-35A. Sweden operated the J9 throughout the WWII period and even well beyond, with the last units being retired in the early 1950s.


Meet the J9 Early!

The J9 is a unique new aircraft joining the early ranks of the Swedish aircraft tree and is one of the prizes of the Winter Extreme event. Possessing balanced all-round characteristics, the J9 will make for a fantastic early fighter aircraft for rookie fighter pilots to spread their wings with. Keep on reading to find out more!

Despite its stubby visual appearance, the J9 has a lot of very good qualities to offer which will be highly appreciated if you’re just starting out in the Swedish aircraft tree. Among the more important aspects of the J9 is that it’s powered by a powerful and very durable 1050 HP Pratt & Whitney radial engine, allowing this aircraft to reach speeds of up to 470 km/h. As such, the J9 can comfortably compete with most other fighters at its rank being capable of at least outmaneuvering its opposition if it can’t outright catch them!

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Interesting: While the P-35 in American service was quickly replaced by more advanced fighter designs, the J9 remained in service with the Swedish air force up until the early ‘50s!

Being a dedicated fighter also means that the J9 received respectable armament to make sure it can complete its mission. Namely, the Swedish modification in particular features an upgraded arsenal consisting of a pair of 8 mm nose-mounted machine guns complemented by an additional pair of 13.2 mm wing-mounted heavy machine guns. As a result, the J9 can easily slice through the fragile airframes of early fighter aircraft and even strafe some lighter ground targets if unopposed by enemy aircraft. However, the absence of hardpoints make it impossible to equip the J9 with suspended ordnance, thus limiting its versatility in ground battles.


The addition of the J9 Early makes it an excellent fighter for the starting ranks of the Swedish aircraft tree, allowing you to hone your skills and quickly progress onto the higher ranks. Take part in the Winter Extreme event, complete the tasks and obtain the J9 Early to expand your in-game collection of unique aircraft. Good luck and until then, clear skies!

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