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Winter Extreme: Mirage 2000C-S4

The main aircraft prize of the "Winter Extreme" event is the French Mirage 2000C-S4 jet fighter, featuring excellent acceleration and impressive armament!

Mirage 2000C-S4: French Rank VIII jet fighter. Event Vehicle


  • Superior acceleration characteristics
  • Effective air-to-air missiles
  • Good maneuverability at low speeds
  • Limited countermeasures
Vehicle History

The new member of the Mirage family with its traditional delta wing was developed by Dassault in the 1970s as an alternative to the joint Anglo-French ACF (Avion de Combat Futur) project. The first production models of the fighter, named the Mirage 2000, entered active service in 1984. For many years, the Mirage 2000 remained France's primary fighter and was actively exported. The Mirage 2000C-S4 variant was produced in three manufacturing series with minor equipment differences.


Meet the Mirage 2000C-S4!

This close relative of France's top fighter will be the main air prize of the grand "Winter Extreme" event in War Thunder! Featuring amazing acceleration, very high top speed, effective air-to-air missiles, and nine hardpoints for mounting ordinance, the Mirage 2000C-S4 is truly a worthy prize worth fighting for!

Mirage 2000 fighters are already well known to French pilots. This compact delta wing aircraft is equipped with the excellent SNECMA M53-P2 engine, providing some of the best acceleration in the game! Due to its design, the Mirage 2000 is great at maneuvering at low speeds but tends to lose energy quickly during active maneuvers. However, its powerful engine quickly restores speed, and the Mirage 2000 swiftly transitions from prey back to predator. The Mirage 2000 reaches its top speed at high altitudes, but at low altitude due to the rapid acceleration, the aircraft can disintegrate due to flutter at transonic speeds - pilots should be especially cautious in this environment.

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The Mirage 2000C-S4, like the S5 version, is an interceptor. Its primary armament consists of the standard 30 mm DEFA 554 cannons and, of course, missiles! Including the all-aspect Matra R.550 Magic 2 and the fantastic Matra Super R530D. However, the Mirage 2000C-S4 also has a lot to offer in mixed battles too - on the remaining hardpoints, pilots can place conventional and drag bombs, as well as SNEB Type 23 rockets.

Unlike the S5 version the Mirage 2000C-S4 carries fewer countermeasures, which ends up being its main gameplay difference. However, 54 charges of flares and chaff should be enough to fend off several missile threats and overall shouldn’t be too detrimental.


The top Mirage 2000C-S4 can be yours for completing the "Winter Extreme" missions. Do your best and get yourself a nice gift for the New Year holidays!

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