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Double reward for streaks while playing in squads!
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From 13.00 GMT on September 24th to 13.00 GMT on September 30th

Rewards doubled for streaks while playing in squads!

Depending where you come from, in the military a small group of warriors is known by different terms, in the infantry it can be squads, platoons or fire teams. In armoured vehicles these are known as troops, platoons or sections. An air force will use a section, flight, wing or wingmen. In Navies from around the world formation, strike groups, flotillas, squadrons, task elements, it is not so easy to group ships, but wherever you come from in the world, little doubt can be shown that the effectivity of a small group of fighting units and the value they give to “an army” are undeniable. In War Thunder, these small groups are known as “squads”, they are as important to the game as they were in real life.

These smaller groups of men, were closely bonded, both in tactics and in comradeship, these groups usually consisted of a group of friends that were close knit in their experiences and friendship, they relied on each other, they looked after each other, knew each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Recruit you friends to play in your squad and profit from double streak rewards! Don't forget to call your friends from social networks like Facebook to battle, since with only one click you can "Add friends from Facebook» and participate in the battles of War Thunder together!

Doubled Rewards For Squad Streaks:


An award for destroying enemy vehicles by any member of a squad. This will be given to all other members of the squad who were near the squadmate that destroyed an enemy unit. The distance between squad members shouldn't be greater than 3000 m for two aircraft, or an aircraft and a tank, and not greater than 100 m for squad members in ground vehicles (in all modes).


  • Arcade: 400

  • Realistic: 1200

  • Simulator: 1600

Supporting Fire

An award for an assist to a squadmate in destroying an enemy unit - works in a similar way to the already present in game assists.

  • Arcade: 400

  • Realistic: 1200

  • Simulator: 1600

The Best Team

It is given to the team that earned more squad streaks during the match than the other teams.

  • 2000 and 200 in all modes

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