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We'd like to present to you a selection of the most interesting articles from our "Developer Diaries", with the new additions to the Air Forces of War Thunder that you can expect in update 1.43!

Ki-43-II (in camouflage USAAF)

Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa was a single-engine fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Air Force. Army designation was “Army Type 1 Fighter” aka “Oscar or “Army Zero”. Armament was 2x 12.7mm machine guns Ho-103 and it had maximum speed of ~558 km/h.

B-57A Canberra

The Martin B-57 Canberra was officially test flown on July the 20th, 1953, and was the first aircraft of overseas design to be manufactured in the United States since World War I. 

Horten Ho.IX (Ho.229)

In our first publication about Horten H.IX (Ho.229) we showed you a couple of screenshots of the “flying wing’s” 3d-model. We are happy to announce that currently Ho.229 is being tested and its FM is being tuned.

I-16 type 5

In a future update, the Soviet fighter line will receive an addition, the I -16 type 5, which is less suited to short-range air combat and is less maneuverable than its peers, but it has the advantage of speed and rate of climb. Additionally, it will also have 8 kinds of camouflage available.


The closing of the Second World War marked the beginning of the era of jet aircraft. The draft design of the IL-28 was adopted on January 12th, 1948. On July the 8th, 1948, the IL-28 bomber flew its first flight.

Lancaster Mk.I, Update Lancaster Mk.III

The Avro Lancaster – a British four-engined heavy bomber in service with the Royal Air Force from 1942. The Lancaster Mk.I was equipped with “Merlin” XX, 22 or 24 engines. Defensive armament were 8 guns mounted in three turrets – 2 “Browning” MG’s mounted in the nose and upper turrets and 4 in the tail.

Venom FB.Mk.4

The Venom FB.Mk.4 – an improved modification of the Venom FB.Mk 1 with power-driven ailerons, a modified tail and ejection seat. The construction of the Venom was based on the Vampire Mk.8, equipped with a more powerful engine that has significantly increased it’s speed limit.


J7W1 “Shinden” (“Bright Lightning”), a Japanese single-engine, high-speed, short range interceptor manufactured by “Kyushu” (formerly known as “Watanabe”). Made to satisfy the requirements of the naval specification No. 18-C (J7W1) and equipped with the Mitsubishi “MK9D” (Ha-43 Type 42) engine.

Nakajima Kitsuka

One result of the Japanese-German cooperation was a twin-engine jet aircraft fighter-bomber, the Nakajima Kitsuka (Kikka), whose name translates from the Japanese as “wild orange flower.” This aircraft was also designated “Imperial Weapon No.2″ by the Japanese.

Other articles on updates in Air War Thunder that you can expect in 1.43, you can read on https://devblog.warthunder.com/

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