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Gladiators.WT - first official international War Thunder tournament
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Gaijin Еntertainment and War Thunder anounce the first official international tournament GLADIATORS.WT

Grand prize is 100 000 Golden Eagles and 60 day Premium!


Gladiators.WT Tournament welcomes War Thunder clans and independent pilots! Gather your team and lead it to the victory!

First international tournament on War Thunder discipline is held in the "Full Real Battle" mode. Every team consists of at least 4 pilots with optional one or two reserve players.

The tournament is held in Matches, every match consists of 3 fights: 1vs1 duel, 2vs2 pair fight and 4vs4 squad fight. The tournament aircrafts are divided into 3 groups:

Group 1

1.I-16 тype 18
2.G50 с2
5. M.C.200c3

Group 2

1.LaGG-3 тype 35
2.Spitfire Mk.I

Group 3

4.Spitfire Mk.II

The complete statute and rules of the Tournament, receipt of applications from teamleaders and discussions are on the official War Thunder forum:

Rules of Gladiators.WT

Applications from teams

Tournament discussion

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