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BTR-80A: Post-Soviet Vibe

The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier is one of the iconic vehicles originating from the Soviet army. Meet the workhorse of the Russian motorized infantry in the incoming La Royale update!

BTR-80A, light tank, USSR, rank IV


  • 30mm auto-cannon
  • High max speed
  • Amphibious
  • Huge profile
  • Poor armor

The BTR-80 armored personnel carrier was developed with experience from using the previous vehicles of the series, BTR-60 and BTR-70, in peacetime and combat operations of the Afghan war. The vehicle received a new 260 hp engine, reinforced armor, improved fire ports for the small arms of the troops inside, as well as other improvements. The main gun of the BTR-80 remained a heavy machine gun, however, due to the low efficiency of machine gun fire against modern lightly armored targets, an improved version of the vehicle with a 30mm 2A72 autocannon appeared in 1993, designated as BTR-80A. Vehicles of the BTR-80 family took part in all major armed conflicts in the territory of the former USSR and a number of other countries. Despite the commissioning of more advanced APCs, the BTR-80A is still in service with the Russian Army to this day.


The BTR-80A comes to the game as a new Soviet mid-rank light tank. The iconic profile of the APC will appear in the hangars of Soviet tankers with the La Royale update!

The BTR-80A armored personnel carrier was designed for delivering troops to the combat area and providing them with fire support, including against lightly armored vehicles. The vehicle is armed with a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon and armor-piercing shells with a maximum penetration of about 60mm. The gun has a good rate of fire, heats up slowly and is fed by belts.

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The 8x8 design allows the BTR-80A to perform well even on soft terrain. On paved roads the BTR-80A can reach speeds of up to 87 km/h.

The cons of this APC are its size and poor protection. The long hull and high profile make the BTR-80A visible from afar and hard to hide - and hiding is vital for this vehicle, since its armor can only protect against shrapnel and light machine guns. Any .50 machine-gun with armor-piercing bullets would pierce this giant quite easily.


However, the charisma of the legendary BTR-80A is much stronger than its shortcomings! In the La Royale update, we invite you to test the BTR-80A, as well as dozens of other new vehicles, in which you will be able to see new locations, new game features and improvements to your favorite game!

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