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5 September 2014

Arcade Events Marathon!

Pilots and tankers!

We are pleased to announce a special series of Arcade events. Join your favourite “Floats!”, “Biathlon” and “Curling” missions and gain 20% more RP and Silver Lions!

Schedule (GMT)

September 5 15:00 - September 9 10:00 Floats!
September 12 15:00 - September 16 10:00 Biathlon
September 19 15:00 - September 23 10:00 Curling





Participate in the “Floats!” event today! It features American and Japanese floatplanes and flying boats contending for control of special points located on the water’s surface. Capture and hold them by alighting on the water near aircraft-carriers. Take part in the fierce sea battle!

Hit the “Events” button in the top right corner of the hangar menu and choose the “Floats!” mission to participate.

The War Thunder Team


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