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Pe-8 - with developer's answers
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Today we would like to show you our latest devblog about a Soviet four engine long-range heavy bomber - The Pe-8, this aircraft is eagerly awaited by War Thunder players.

Kirill Vostretsov, game designer:

War Thunder players have asked for this aircraft for a long time. The Pe-8 was an exemplary development from Soviet engineering, an aircraft capable of carrying an impressive four-ton bomb load over great distances. Apart from that, the Pe-8 was well defended by its powerful defensive weaponry of various calibres, including ShVAK cannons. This was the reason this aircraft was often called the “Soviet Flying Fortress”.

Sergey Kapitsyn, artist:

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information left about this aircraft and very few pictures. Any pictures we did find we had to search comprehensively for. The aircraft is very big and complex, we put a huge amount of effort into it. We endeavoured to recreate this giant as accurately as we possibly could.

Answers to readers' questions:

Question: What bomb load will it have? Will you introduce the FAB-5000?

Answer: Yes, we will add the FAB-5000 bomb, but a little bit later. When the Pe-8 is introduced it will have its maximum bomb load of 4x1000 kg bombs.

Question: Is this a premium aircraft? Where in the tree will the Pe-8 be situated?

Answer: No it will be a rank 3 aircraft, it will be right after Yer-2 with M-105 engines.

Question: Will you introduce more variants of this aircraft?

Answer: It is possible​

Question: What maximum speed will it have?

Answer: Something like 435 km/h in horizontal flight at 5900 metres.​

Question: What materials is it made of?

Answer: It is full metal aircraft.​

Question: What engines will this model of Pe-8 have?

Answer: M-82. Because these engines were ideal for aircraft equipped with the FAB-5000 load.​

Question: Was the Pe-8 the only Soviet four engined bomber to served in WW2, or there were other/more bombers produced by Russia during that period? If yes, will we ever see em' in the game?​

Answer: We already have the TB-3 in game. As for other soviet 4 engined aircraft, we plan to introduce the Tu-4, it is post war bomber however. You can check our currently planned vehicles on our website​.

The War Thunder Team

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