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While pilots and tankers in War Thunder are rushing into the skies and rumbling across the ground, Star Conflict players are fighting against aliens in the outer space. Today Star Gem, Inc and Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of Star Conflict 1.0 with its highly anticipated ‘Invasion Mode’.

“Invasion Mode” is now publicly available, it has new  features including an underlying story in which an alien race invades human-controlled space. Star Conflict players must team up in parties of four to explore the new ‘Open Space’ areas and combine forces as they take on new quests and engage in PvP and PvE battles. With materials salvaged during exploration, gamers will be able to craft unique armour, guns and even whole new spaceships.

But before heading out to explore the Galaxy, pilots will have to defend their home bases against an alien onslaught. To join the defenders and get all the details of the 1.0 update please visit Star Conflict website.

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