War Thunder background
Location: Pradesh

A new location for combined battles that was inspired by the landscapes of the foothills that surround the Himalayas.

Here, on the border between India and Pakistan, begins the first stage of the majestic and ancient Himalayas. The plains turn into wooded hills, with mountains rising behind. This textured terrain inspired the War Thunder artists to create this new location named “Pradesh”, an arena for combined battles, which will be available with the upcoming major update.


“Pradesh” in Hindi means “region”, “area”. Here you will find typical landscape features commonplace for the northwestern regions of India and the northeastern part of Pakistan. Grassy hills and forested rocks adjoin meadows and shrubland plains.

This new location is one of the largest in the game. The size of the detailed zone is approximately 3 by 3 km. The full size of the location for airplanes and helicopters is even more immense at 128 by 128 km.


This dynamic and varied location will be added to War Thunder with the release of the next major game update. In the meantime, we will continue to introduce you to interesting new features and the most interesting vehicles of the new update! Stay tuned!

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