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Gladiators of the Steel Legion.WT 6х6: FINAL
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Live stream of the final matches

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Dear Players! The finals of the Gladiators of the Steel Legion tournament is here! More than 600 battles have taken place in 160 matches, with participants entering the battlefield over 6,000 times to fight in their Steel machines.

Here, entering into the final stage, the mighty crews of [HRDX] Poland, [THP]-221B- China, [AJSA]USA, CAT/SNJ UK, GAD Germany, [ACES] Russia were defeated. On the 10th of August, the final battle will take place, and the champion of this tournament will be decided and famed in glory! In this final battle, to take place at 18:00 GMT, [FuFuR]Ukraine.Russia and [FuFuL]Russia.Ukraine will confront each other, and battle for first place. We will also see [FuFu]Belarus.Russia.Ukraine and =lDAl= United Arab Emirates.Russia.Ukraine fight for third place at 17:00GMT. Good luck to these teams!

We wish good luck to all tournament participants!

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