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Testing new game mode "The Sky is for Heroes"
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Testing new game mode  "The Sky is for Heroes"

From August 19th 10:30 GMT (estimated testing time 24 hours) - special RB event “The Sky is for Heroes”

From August 19th 10:30 GMT (if RB testing goes fine) - special SB event “The Sky is for Heroes” as main mode for Ground Forces in SB

Dear players!

Today we started a test in the event mode - an event that introduces respawn system based on the points gained in battle. The event is called “The sky is for heroes”

Destroying enemy vehicles, dealing damage and capturing zones will give you Spawn Points which you may spend for further respawns in any vehicles set in your line-up before the battle.

Main Features of this mode:


  • After starting the session, each player in the team will receive an initial 400 Points which he spends to get the first vehicle to participate in the battle;
  • Matchmaking is calculated according to the vehicle that has maximum BR in the line-up;
  • If the player fails to earn enough points for respawn before his vehicle is destroyed, he withdraws from the battle;
  • A team wins once it accomplishes the mission’s task or destroys all enemy vehicles - the same as for standard War Thunder missions.


The given numbers are calculated if the vehicle you wish to respawn in has highest BR in the battle. If there are vehicles with higher BR than the vehicle you want to respawn in, you will need to spend less points.

With BR difference of 1.0 and more in your line-up maximum step-down ratio is 0.75

E.g. if the BR of the battle is 3.7 it will cost you 300 points to respawn in T-34-57 and about 220 points to spawn in Т-34 1941(BR 2.7).


Dear players, you may have already tested this type of mode during the CBT of Ground Forces and due to popular demand it has been considerably reworked and will be available for further testing.

Please feel free to give us feedback and suggestions in this thread. This will definitely help to improve the given mode.

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