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Winter marathon vehicles: C.202D (Italy)
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C. 202D, Rank II, Italy, Premium


  • Good maneuverability
  • Lacks cannons, rockets and bombs
  • Premium

An experimental prototype of the Italian Macchi C.202 fighter of the third production series with a radiator located externally under the nose. The development of the aircraft was carried out in 1941, the prototype itself built by the spring of 1942, receiving the production designation C.202D. The unusual arrangement of the radiator block (the air and oil cooler were now located in a single mount) was supposed to make the engine cooling more efficient and the installation of the radiators easier. In addition, the forward displacement of the air cooler would make it possible to place a suspension point for bomb weapons or a fuel tank behind it. However, flight tests showed a significantly increased drag on the C.202D, which reduced the fighter's speed to below acceptable. This circumstance, plus the vague prospects of re-equipping the serial C.202 with a different type of radiator - all this led to the fact that the project remained at the stage of an experimental prototype.


In our game, the big-chinned C.202D will be one of the prizes of the winter marathon. The new fighter differs from the standard version of the C.202 mainly in a different arrangement of the radiator block and the absence of a tropical engine filter. The C.202D is inferior to a linear fighter in max flight speed due to the increased drag, but slightly surpasses it in maneuverability. The fighter's armament remained unchanged: two high-caliber Breda-SAFAT machine guns in the nose and a pair of rifle-caliber machine guns in the wing consoles.

All Macchi fighters are very competitive on their battle ratings. The same is true for the low-ranked C.202s, which are prized for their excellent maneuverability and good ammo capacity. The niche of the new C.202D is  dogfights with other fighters at low and medium altitudes. The fighter is easy and pleasant to control, it carries enough ammo, and the premium status will allow you to quickly research the Italian aviation of the initial ranks. An excellent plane to start exploring Italy!

The War Thunder Team

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