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Winter marathon vehicles: Project 201K (USSR)
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MPK Pr.201K, Rank IV, USSR, Event


  • 45mm automatic cannon on the stern
  • Destructive rocket launchers
  • 20 anti-submarine mines

Anti-submarine defense became one of the main priorities in the development of the Soviet navy in the first decade after the end of World War II. Since patrol boats were no longer able to effectively deal with the modern submarines, the VMF needed a new small submarine chaser. Among several candidates for this role, the choice fell on a project, work on which began in 1947 - a small anti-submarine ship in a steel hull with reinforced air defenses, a large operating range and, of course, expanded anti-submarine weapons. The ships of the new Project 201 were built with some delay on schedule. The first ships handed over to the navy in 1955, required serious improvements based on the results of the first tests. The first serial batch of modified patrol boats was ready by 1958, large-scale production of Project 201 ships continued until 1967. Throughout the years of production, the ships were upgraded and refined. Small Soviet anti-submarine ships were used by the naval forces of many foreign countries, and licensed production of Project 201 was organized in the GDR, China and Egypt.


The Project 201K small anti-submarine ship is one of the prizes in the War Thunder winter marathon. Ships of this series are already familiar to the commanders of the Project 201M in the Soviet coastal fleet tech tree - moderate speed and maneuverability, automatic 25mm cannons in two twin rotary mounts and powerful bomb launchers on the bow. The marathon 201K differs from her similar sister with the 45mm SM-21-ZIF cannon, installed in place of the 25mm stern unit. The automatic 45mm cannon here becomes the main artillery calibre for fighting enemy ships, while the 2x25-mm guns of the bow mount can now work in automatic mode against aircraft and surface targets. Well, the most destructive weapon of the ship remains 4xRBU-1200 bomb launchers with 15 rounds of ammunition each. You will have to learn how to fire them, they have a limited range and are guided horizontally by turning the ship's hull, but the destruction from a single successful salvo at an enemy ship can be colossal! Together with the bomb launchers, the 201K Project can take on board 20 YaM-43 anti-submarine mines that are more than enough to inflict heavy damage on even larger opponents.


The Project 201K small anti-submarine ship will become yours after completing the second stage of the naval tasks of the War Thunder winter marathon!

The War Thunder Team

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