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Winter Marathon vehicles: A.C.I Sentinel (Britain)
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A.C.I, Rank II, Britain, Premium


  • Superb protection
  • Premium vehicle
  • The male

The Australian cruiser tank A.C.I Sentinel was developed and put into production in 1942 as an urgent countermeasure to a possible Japanese landing. The tank was created from tank parts from France and the United States, but the one-piece welded hull became a purely Australian development. The main armament of the tank is a 40-mm QF-2 cannon, as well as two Vickers rifle calibre machine guns - one coaxial with the cannon and another one in the front of the hull in a bizarre armoured hood. The A.C.I Sentinel was produced from January 1942, when the war in the Pacific was already in full swing, a total of 65 units were built. Since the United States began shipping its tanks to Australia in 1941, all A.C.I Sentinels were used exclusively for training and researching purposes. Australia considered the production of its own tank economically unprofitable, and in 1943 production of the A.C.I Sentinel was suspended. The Sentinel remained in service until 1945, after which most of the tanks in the series were scrapped. Three units of the Australian tank have survived to this day, all of them are on display in tank museums.


Australia's iconic A.C.I Sentinel cruiser will be one of the prizes for the War Thunder winter marathon - it is a premium medium tank in the UK armoured vehicle research line. The first thing the Sentinel commander will find is that the tank is ... well, definitely a male, due to the characteristic Vickers machine gun armoured hood on the upper front glacis. The second is that the tank is surprisingly well protected: the thickness of the armour of the welded in one piece A.C.I Sentinel hull reaches 65 mm, which is quite remarkable for its rank and type! At the same time, the driving performance of the tank is quite good - the tank is able to reach up to almost 40 km/h on the paved road, it overcomes obstacles well and feels confident in sand and mud. The power of the 40-mm cannon is more than enough for the ranks  I and II. but you’d better not get involved in firefights with the heavies. High rate of fire, good hull protection and excellent survivability, coupled with premium bonuses, could make the A.C.I Sentinel one of the best premium entry-level tanks in the game! Complete simple tasks of the winter marathon and take this wonderful tank to your hangar!

The War Thunder Team


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