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“Export Order”: Destroyer HMS Mohawk

HMS Mohawk, a Tribal-class destroyer, comes as one of the prizes of the “Export Order” craft event!

HMS Mohawk, destroyer, Britain, rank II. Premium


  • Excellent main calibre suite
  • Premium bonuses


  • Few torpedoes

The destroyer Mohawk was laid down as one of the Tribal class destroyers on July 16th, 1936 at the Southampton shipyard. Like all destroyers of the series, the Mohawk differed from most ships of her class in high firepower of the main calibre and good torpedo armament, while maintaining a displacement under the London Treaty - no more than 1,850 tons. Immediately after construction, Mohawk joined the destroyer flotilla in the Mediterranean. Before WWII started, the destroyer performed training, diplomatic and civilian missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

After the war began, Mohawk went back to her native waters, where on October 16th, 1939, during the first Luftwaffe raid on the British Isles, she suffered from a nearby bomb explosion, fragments of which killed 15 crew members and mortally wounded the captain. During World War II, the destroyer began active combat service in Norwegian waters and then in the Mediterranean against the Italian fleet. As part of the 14th destroyer flotilla, Mohawk participated in the defeat of the Italians at Cape Matapan, where destroyers sank the heavily damaged cruisers Pola and Zara, after rescuing the remnants of their crews. On the morning of April 16th, 1941, the 14th Flotilla attacked an Italian convoy near Tunisia. The crippled and sinking leader of the escort, the Italian destroyer Luca Tarigo, was able to launch two torpedoes at the Mohawk in manual mode. Both torpedoes reached their target - the first hit the stern and damaged the controls, the second led to the explosion of the stern boiler and the deck breaking in two. The destroyer sank almost immediately, killing 41 crew members.


In our game, the destroyer Mohawk will become a premium British ship at rank II in the bluewater fleet tech tree, and you will be able to get her by participating in the upcoming Export Order game event. War Thunder fleet commanders are already familiar with the Tribal-class destroyers from the very able destroyer Eskimo. The main advantage of the entire class is the multiple main calibre, which on the Mohawk is represented by eight 120mm guns in four gun mounts. Tribal destroyers feature a fairly large ammunition capacity for the main guns, consisting of semi-armour-piercing and several types of high-explosive fragmentation shells, including those with a remote fuse. At the same time, the main guns have a good traverse speed, which allows you to fire while actively maneuvering.

Unlike the Eskimo, which has only three main battery mounts and a reinforced air defense battery, the Mohawk has slightly more modest anti-aircraft artillery - one quad 40mm Pom-Pom mount and two .50 machine gun quad mounts. From secondary weapons, a commander can take into battle either torpedoes in a four-tube launcher, or depth charges with two bomb launchers on the sides and one bomb release device.

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The Mohawk is a very well balanced ship of its type with an emphasis on multiple gun armament. Satisfying speed and maneuverability, large crew and excellent main battery guns - these are the qualities for which you will love the Mohawk! In terms of gameplay, it is similar to the artillery specialized destroyers of Japan and Italy, but lacks one of the main drawbacks of such ships - the poor location of fuel tanks along the sides above the waterline and a tendency to frequent fires.

However, the Mohawk has a weak spot - this is her stern. The elements of the steering group, half of the fuel tanks, water pumps and gun-magazines of the two main-calibre turrets are quite densely located here. Hitting this area always has consequences, and the steering gear and transmission are usually the first to suffer.

In battle, Mohawk is always at the forefront of the attack - she is excellent for capturing points and passing from the flanks, effectively destroying other destroyers and bursting the boats of the enemy's vanguard. The ship has no striking flaws, but there are two striking advantages at once: powerful and fast-turning guns, as well as premium status, which allows you to comfortably and interestingly earn Silver Lions and upgrade British bluewater ships from ranks I to III. Get ready for the "Export Order" craft event and take some time to get a wonderful premium destroyer for your collection!

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