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The T-35, which was already briefly tested on the Dev server in War Thunder, is being prepared for release in the one of the content updates in the near future. This heavy machine is being eagerly anticipated and surely will be popular among our tankers in War Thunder, it’s armament of two 45-mm and one 76.2-mm main gun will allow players to feel confident in the thick of battle.

The T-35 - Was a Soviet heavy tank developed between 1931-1932. It was the first USSR heavy tank to be mass produced. The T-35 - was a five-turret tank with a cannon and machine gun armament and anti small arms armour. It was designed to break through fortified enemy positions for further action against infantry as well as bolstering the armour units of the Red Army. The T-35 - the world's only five-turreted tank that was mass-produced.

Despite the formidable appearance, powerful weapons and it’s huge size, the tank was outdated at the start of mass production. Warfare had changed, the purpose of armoured vehicles had changed as had the requirements for the equipment. The T-35 (used by 67th and 68th Tank Regiment in Operation Barbarossa) participated in the initial phase of the fighting in the Great Patriotic War, but they were quickly lost - mostly due to mechanical problems.

The large “land battleship” had long been the epitome of power for the Red Army. It is the T-35 that is depicted on both Soviet and Russian medals "За мужество" ("For courage").

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