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Russian Navy Air Force anniversary
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On July 14th 1916, during the First World War, four Grigorovich M-5 hydroplanes based on the “Orlitsa” seaplane carrier of the Russian Baltic Fleet, engaged four German aircraft and achieved victory. That day is considered as the birth day of the Russian Navy Air Force.

During the Soviet era the navy aviation not only patrolled the sea borders of the USSR, but also contributed greatly to numerous polar expeditions. In the years of the Second World War, the pilots of the Soviet Navy Air Force were the first to bomb the capital of Germany; they carried out more than 30000 sorties. Despite great losses, the Soviet navy pilots managed to destroy over 400 enemy ships - approximately two thirds of the German vessels lost to Soviet fire.

The modern Russian Navy Air Force consists of carrier and land-based branches, distributed among the Baltic, Northern, Pacific and Black sea fleets. The navy pilots continue to guard both the land and sea borders of Russian Federation.

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