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Merry Christmas to All!!
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Warmest greetings from Moscow!

Despite the Mayan prophesy, the year 2012 did not turn out to be the end of the world by any stretch, but for us - a hugely important period full of achievements, new goals and valuable experiences. Thus, we have started Global Beta test for our upcoming combat MMO-game War Thunder that has already gained a large audience of more than 200,000 players from all over the world.

We have gained precious online game development experience and a solid groundwork for the future, and we’d like to give massive thanks to all gamers who joined the community of our upcoming MMO projects. We sincerely appreciate all precious feedback that you gave us during beta-test of War Thunder, and we promise to bring you more exciting and original games in the year 2013!

Gaijin Entertainment wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Give up all the superstitions about "13" and don’t trust any prophecies - let’s all just make this year another great success!


With the kindest holiday wishes,

Gaijin Entertainment

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