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War Thunder - Home match in the Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt, Germany
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A lot was going on at last week’s ESL One Championship in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, as thousands of visitors put aside their bratwurst and beer to join the epic battles of War Thunder in both aircraft and ground vehicles!


Over the course of two days, gamers were able to slip into the role of a pilot or commander of one of the game’s 400+ aircraft and ground vehicles, fighting for victory on one of sixteen modern gaming stations. Riveted by the excellent graphics and impressive special effects of War Thunder, countless of international visitors were seeing Gaijin Entertainment's booth and were, thanks to the game’s easy handling, able to jump right into the action, with many of them staying for hours. This was also ensured by the hardware provided by ROCCAT, enabling gamers to fully immerse in the award-winning gameplay of War Thunder while enjoying its unique sound effects and music in amazing quality. At the same time, ROCCAT’s new gaming mouse Tyon was celebrating its debut, with interested gamers being able to bring the new device ‘to battle’ and test it for the first time while playing War Thunder.

On both days, the booth was visited more than well and was certainly one of the highlights for a lot of visitors, as many of them returned more than once to test War Thunder thoroughly. We are very happy about the incredibly positive response we got about the game and are very thankful for the important feedback, which we received through many personal conversations with old and new fans alike.


Click here for an album with photos of the event. Maybe you’ll recognize you or a friend!

The War Thunder Team

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