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Victory Parade in War Thunder


75 years ago representatives of the German Supreme Command signed the unconditional surrender in Berlin. Victory celebrations were held in all the countries and one of the most important events of that days was the Berlin Victory Parade of Allied forces. 

Thousands of soldiers and officers from the US, Soviet, British and French armies marched in one formation and solemn speeches were made by Marshal Georgy Zhukov, General George Patton, Major-General Brian Robertson and General Marie-Pierre Koenig. It was one of those few moments in history when almost the whole of humanity felt like one. 

In honor of the Victory in Europe anniversary, we created a virtual reenactment of that Berlin Victory Parade.

The parade of troops and ground vehicles in the War Thunder recreation will also be joined by the air forces of the Allied nations. This is a tribute to the “Mustang”, Spitfire”, “Yak” and other aircraft piloted by those that fought and won in World War II.

Happy Victory Day!

The War Thunder Team

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