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Tank Armour and Module Inspector
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We have significantly improved the amount of information that is displayed using the Armour Inspector, which we first presented on gamescom 2014, and extended its overall functionality. Now, in addition to the material and thickness of the plate, you can also find out the armour’s inclination angle and its effective thickness if a projectile would hit the plate at the point and from the direction of the cursor. That way, you can easily evaluate the protection of your tank from different angles.

As an additional functionality, we also added a mode that allows you to view the location of crew and modules within the tank.shot 2014.08.21 17.58.32 shot 2014.08.21 17.58.41 ============ shot 2014.08.21 17.59.16 shot 2014.08.21 17.59.37 shot 2014.08.21 17.59.49 shot 2014.08.21 18.01.00 shot 2014.08.21 18.02.25 shot 2014.08.21 18.04.39 shot 2014.08.21 18.05.07 shot 2014.08.21 18.05.09
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