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PS4 Update receives a warm welcome!
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The latest PS4 Update receives a warm welcome from Players and Gaming Press alike! - Recently, War Thunder has become one of the first cross platform games to be introduced on the PlayStation®4. This has instigated play between gamers on the PlayStation®4  and the already established PC/Mac  version of the game. It was done in conjunction with the US release of War Thunder on PS®4, which also brought Update 1.41 and Ground Forces along with other major improvements to the console.

Our latest phase in the development of War Thunder has been received well and has proved robust and stable. All our players are currently enjoying the experience of having all the platforms battling it out in the skies and on the ground of War Thunder.

We hope our player base continues to grow and we thank you all for continuing to support us as normal through this major update.

Here are some of the first reviews received:

Gamer Assault Weekly

Score: 8/10

The team over at Gaijin is always looking for ways to improve the game on both the PC and PS4 platforms. In fact, flight stick compatibility for the PS4 will be added in the near future. If you are looking for a top quality competitive multiplayer game to play for your PS4, give War Thunder a download.

PS Nation

Score: 8/10

War Thunder has much to recommend it. There is no cost to play it. Free is almost always good. The game is easy to pick-up and plays really well. The MMO elements aren't difficult or too convoluted to get through.


Score:  8/10

It is an absolute win-win. Those that just want the Player vs. Player action are free to pursue it, and players that are looking for objective-based play get a chance to pull off something different and challenging. And trust me, it is challenging.


Score: 8/10

War Thunder is easily among the best of what is offered on the PlayStation Store. It stands head and shoulders above the other free to play offerings and even over many at cost. The core of this lies in the generous free to play model which allows you to play for hour and hours without paying a dime. That's the way free to play should be done. With no cost to download or play, you owe it to yourself to hop into the pilot seat at least once.
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