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Awards for participants of the Closed Beta Test
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Pilots and tankers!

December 4th, 2013 was when our project entered a new stage of development: Closed Beta Test (CBT) started testing our ground equipment. Every pilot could perform daily tasks issued by Tank Command to have a chance to be invited in to the CBT. In addition, access could also be obtained by purchasing one of the Special Packages of premium tanks or taking part in numerous competitions organized and distributed by social networks and partner sites .

In the final days of CBT, more than 100 Thousand players were involved!

The War Thunder development team would like to sincerely thank all those who helped us to make better ground vehicles: those who used our forum to propose many improvements to the game, reported bugs or just enjoyed fighting battles, helping us to gather invaluable statistics.

In gratitude for this milestone in our game development , all participants will receive a unique title in game:

"First on the track"

and a unique decal :

The title and decal will only be available to players who had access to the closed beta. The decal will be available to participants in the CBT in the content of the next update.


The War Thunder Team

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