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The Brazilian Air Force
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The first public manifest to create an Air Force for Brazil, started in 1928 when Major Lysias Rodrigues wrote an article titled “Uma necessidade premente: o ministério do ar” (an imperious need: the ministry of the air). Two years later, the French Military Mission for the Brazilian Army made the first steps in order to consolidate the creation of the an Air Force.


The idea was supported when it received the recognition of Brazilian pilots when they returned from Italy in 1934 as they described the advantages of having an Air Force.


A study group recommendation, created by the then President Getúlio Vargas at the beginning of 1940 caused the project to advance and all the structure that was entailed for the Ministry of Aeronautics. Founded on the 20th of January, 1941 as the “Forças Aereas Nacionais”, the name was later changed to the now well known “Força Aerea Brasileira” on the 22nd of May of the same year.


The Brazilian Air Force had a very important role during the Second World War when they joined the Allies. Taking part in many offensives, one of the most important was the Campaign in Italy on the 16th of July, 1944, when the Brazilian Expeditionary Force arrive in Italy and was tasked with an order to attack the supply lines of the Axis Forces.


Another purpose of the Brazilian Allied Command in the Italian Peninsula was to put pressure on the German Army by involving as many of the German troops as possible,  in order to prevent the experienced German divisions from moving to France and swinging the balance in favour of the Axis.


The Brazilian Expeditionary Force was ill prepared for the campaign in Italy and they faced more issues such as unfavourable climate conditions and a terrain that was unknown to them. Despite this, they worked closely with the United States in order to make the  coordination between both countries less of a problem.


Their participation, the value and qualities shown by their pilots, led them to receive Honor Citations by the Congress of the United States in recognition of all their efforts. Qualities that have persisted until today when they celebrate the birth of their Air Force.


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