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Gladiators.WT 8x8 - REMEMBRANCE: Opening
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Today, the 6th of May at 16:00 GMT, the opening of the team-tactic championship -  REMEMBRANCE 8x8 - devoted to the day of Victory, will take place. There are 92 teams participating - that is almost one thousand pilots from 35 countries.

Today's matches

1st round schedule 

Tournament rules

Prize pool of the tournament has been announced:


Simulator Battles

Realistic Battles


I place

8 Saitek X-55 + 80.000

8 Saitek X-52 PRO + 50.000 


II place

8 Saitek X-52 PRO + 50.000 

8 Saitek X-52 + 30.000 


III place

8 Saitek X-52 + 30.000 

8 Saitek AV8R + 30.000 



First to fight in “Realistic Battles” category will be the experienced teams [RED] Russia and -S- Russia.


In “Simulator Battles” category, the strongest pilots from the squadrons -DED-[Wasab] Russia and [BTEAM] Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, will open the battle.


Next in the Kursk skies we will see spectacular air fights between the teams [ANGEL] Russia, Ukraine and =Prts= Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Czech, also =FAR= Russia, Ukraine and [MFS] Russia.


We dedicate this tournament to memory of all of the pilots

of all countries that gave their lives in the war.

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