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Lifting of CBT NDA - Forum now visible for review
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Pilots and Tankers,

The Closed Beta Test of the Ground Forces has progressed and come to a stage where we feel it is now practical to have our entire player base review what's been going on. From the few CBT guys in the very beginning, to the current  70,000 registered testers, we would like to thank you all for getting the state of the ground forces into something pretty robust and fun to play, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to the incoming players, we hope to go from strength to strength with you, the loyal player base, helping guide and provide the valuable feedback you have all given up to now.

From today, the Closed Beta Test area of the forum has been opened up for viewing by all and the NDA lifted. CBT testers will continue to be able to log and comment in that section and for now the rest of our valued members will be able to view the work in progress via this medium.

This is moving us ever more closer to Open Beta for the Ground aspect of the game.

Watch the skies and keep your head down.


The War Thunder Team

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