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Heartbleed vulnerability - no effect in War Thunder
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At the beginning of the week, information about OpenSSL packet vulnerability was published (it provides a https-connection between server and user). We, like many international companies (such as Google, Yandex, Facebook) use that package, but do not rely on it completely.
According to our research even using this vulnerability an exploiter can not access your personal data (password, log-in etc.) or any other game information since access to this data from external sources is limited to our services only. 
We removed the vulnerability on our external servers within 3 hours after the first publication. Thus our servers were protected from vulnerability within a very short timespan. 
However, we ask our users to regularly check the announcements of any of the companies whose services you use carefully and take the necessary measures: changing passwords, enabling two-factor authorization, regular housekeeping with your own data security

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