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War Thunder Dev blog launched
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Dear pilots and tankers!

We always want you to enjoy the changes we introduce to War Thunder with new updates, as well as understand why we are introducing these changes. Do you want to know why the game economy is being adjusted? What are the daily duties of our flight models team? How is shell penetration calculated? When will your favourite bomber get a shiny new cockpit? There is so much cool stuff we work on here in Gaijin and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

That is why we are launching War Thunder Dev Blog. Read it to learn what features we are working on right now and what you should expect to appear in the future. We are also moving the “Dev diaries” and “Tank diaries” to the blog.

So add it to your favorites and stay tuned!

The first entry is about the progression system changes in Update 1.39 (read now)

War Thunder team

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